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Preston Zwolle, Chef/Owner

The chef/owner and part-time artist, Preston Zwolle, has incorporated what he loves into one venture. A local restaurant with good food and local art. Coming from an extensive background and a fifteen year track record of running restaurants with exceptional customer service, he’s on a mission to share his passion with others.

Three years ago, on a quest to be healthier, as well as to expand his culinary knowledge, he gave up dairy products and gluten and lost ninety pounds. While changing his diet, he had to learn to cook his family the foods most of us normally eat, but using ingredients that also fit his diet.

Now, three years later, he went back to what he loves eating, while still using the knowledge he learned while dieting. Making his friends and family meals to try, he began gaining a cult following and continues to grow as people try his foods.

Today, Du Lit is now open for everyone to try the foods that so many love to eat.

Contact Us

101 W Broadway St
Fortville, IN 46040

Email us at: preston@eat-dulit.com

Reach us by phone: 317-505-9194

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